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// How to exploit the id parameter using Time-based Blind SQL Injection and Wayback Machine for vulnerabilities. Autorize is a Burp Suite extension for finding API vulnerabilities with user tokens. Hidden content can be found on 404 error pages using tools like dirsearch. Subdomain takeovers use tools like Subfinder, HTTPX, and Nuclei. A hacker used Dorki.io for an SSRF vulnerability to get AWS EC2 credentials. It discusses finding DOM-based XSS via client-side JavaScript, Bruno IDE for APIs, Reporting API for monitoring errors, and profiling subdomains with httpx and EyeWitness. Techniques for discovering APIs and methods for recon in bug bounties are detailed. Various vulnerabilities in GOG Galaxy and solutions for HTTP parser inconsistencies are explored, alongside insights into NetScout and Klarna’s Gram tools. Tools like unch, Scout Suite, SharpPersistSD, and EFuzz are also reviewed for security testing and auditing. [more...]
// PingRAT uses ICMP payloads to secretly pass C2 traffic through firewalls, making it undetectable by most AV/EDR solutions. No-Consolation is a Beacon Object File (BOF) that runs unmanaged PEs inline, supporting EXEs and DLLs, without creating new processes or allocating a console. A repository has a list of custom search engines for OSINT, including searches for social media and web services. A document details a proof-of-concept for using Microsoft Windows printers as a C2 channel, exploiting the Internet Printing Protocol. SqliSniper is a Python tool for detecting blind SQL injection in HTTP headers. Andy Gill examines WinSxS and DLL hijacking for initial access and privilege escalation. unch hides messages using invisible Unicode characters. [more...]
// Laptop Giveaway - There Can Be Only One - Hello, I’m Jared Folkins and I’ve been keeping a secret. I work for Counter Hack. Counter Hack performs ridiculously good Penetration Tests. You should hire us. We are also the makers of the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge. But that’s not the secret. You know that daily HAQ.NEWS podcast my daughter Gracie has been creating? It’s not actually her. Yes, out of sixty-five daily episodes, all of them are Ai generated. All the episodes except one. Your goal is to find the one authentic episode that Gracie created. If you do, please submit your answer using the following form for a chance to win a mac laptop. Be warned, they sound really good. Like, “fooled Gracie’s Mother” good. Best of luck! [more...]
// A cybersecurity researcher, k0shl, discussed methods for exploiting a Windows telephony service issue, which could control memory wrongly. A malware called Nitrogen tricks users into downloading fake apps leading to ransomware but can be prevented with various strategies. On Reddit, there’s talk about the dangers of batch files in Windows due to argument escaping issues. The C2 Cloud project lets testers control compromised systems efficiently. A Proof of Concept showed a flaw in Jasmin Ransomware’s web panel, allowing unauthorized file access. Carlos Polop’s guide covers penetration testing extensively. Use Countik, an online tool, for analyzing TikTok accounts. An article guides on OSINT for map investigations. Shortemall v3.0, released on April 5, 2024, scans for hidden content in short URLs. [more...]
// A cybersecurity researcher shares techniques for crafting XSS payloads through JavaScript event handlers and HTML entities to bypass WAFs. The SiCat tool hunts for security exploits using sources including databases like Exploit-DB. There’s a case study of a hacked Confluence server outlining the intruder’s steps, utilizing Unix logs and SSH brute force tactics. Shortemall automates finding content behind Short URLs, while Damn Vulnerable RESTaurant exists for training on API vulnerabilities. Techniques for XSS attacks by modifying code to evade filters are discussed. OSINT helps in phishing scams prevention and probes. Linux by Vikku offers resources for bug bounty hunters. A SQL injection flaw in WordPress LayerSlider plugin is exposed with given detection tools. Tactics to set up rogue access points for Wi-Fi tests using Fluxion are shared. A study plan for AWS security mastery is outlined. Chimera is a PowerShell obfuscation tool to avoid AMSI and antivirus detection. A-poc/RedTeam-Tools repository features red team tools and tips. The personal security checklist advises on digital life security in various aspects. APKHunt checks Android apps against OWASP MASVS. Scanners Box offers a kit of infosec scanning tools. OpenCodeInterpreter rivals GPT-4 in code abilities, topping the BigCode leaderboard. Map Developers and Google Maps Scraper aid in business data collection. Keyhole carries out social media analytics. HAR files help analyze network issues. creepyCrawler is an OSINT tool for site reconnaissance. PretendoNetwork’s SSSL patches Nintendo CA - G3. KDMapper uses Intel driver to load non-signed drivers. GhostMapperUM maps an unsigned driver into memory. GMER handles Windows kernel rootkits. EDRSandblast evades EDR systems. Plandex offers an AI coding engine aiding in software tasks. Memory dump emulation tools like Bochs assist in crash analysis and forensics. wtf is a Windows snapshot-based fuzzer by Axel Souchet. Using Ghidra for analyzing ARM firmware in KatWalk C2 treadmill is elaborated. The KAT Walk C2 VR Treadmill’s set-up and usage are described. Constructing an 8-bit computer with 74xx ICs and an Ethernet adapter for networking. Ivan builds a discrete logic CPU and programming language. Upgrading a discrete logic ALU for improved computer performance. Reverst serves as a reverse-tunnel library using QUIC and HTTP/3 for restricted network services. [more...]
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Many websites are using AI/ML to create clickbait which actually doesn't have any valuable content.


I use AI to de-clickbait the clickbait by allowing AI to read my news for me. Then it creates a meaningful tldr; regarding the articles of interest which helps discern what I should read. It is saving me a ton of time.


FWIW HAQ.NEWS really started out as my personal news feed, enriched by Ai, and converted into something quick and easy to read. But then I started getting requests for features like rss, Gracie got involved, and with the super-power of Ai things have taken on a life of their own.


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