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# There Can Be Only One

Hello, I'm Jared Folkins and I've been keeping a secret.

I work for Counter Hack.

Counter Hack performs ridiculously good Penetration Tests.

You should hire us.

We are also the makers of the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge.

But that's not the secret.

You know that daily HAQ.NEWS podcast my daughter Gracie has been creating?

It's not actually her.

Yes, out of sixty-five daily episodes, all of them are Ai generated using elevenlabs.io.

All the episodes except one.

Your goal is to find the one authentic episode that Gracie created.

If you do, please submit your answer using the following form for a chance to win a mac laptop.

Be warned, they sound really good. Like, "fooled Gracie's Mother" good.

Best of luck!

# F.A.Q


Many websites are using AI/ML to create clickbait which actually doesn't have any valuable content.


I use AI to de-clickbait the clickbait by allowing AI to read my news for me. Then it creates a meaningful tldr; regarding the articles of interest which helps discern what I should read. It is saving me a ton of time.


FWIW HAQ.NEWS really started out as my personal news feed, enriched by Ai, and converted into something quick and easy to read. But then I started getting requests for features like rss, Gracie got involved, and with the super-power of Ai things have taken on a life of their own.


I currently post daily infosec news to x, linkedin, mastodon and rss.

I also post daily infosec podcasts and interviews to apple podcasts and spotify.


This isn't an Ad.

current friend of haq 2024-04-12

I want to encourage people and projects that impress me, by posting a banner linking their work, as it's my desire to help others. I do not take or make any money.

Jared Folkins